NBA is dominating Social Media

With the emergence of social media, marketers have made it their mission to use many of the platforms to connect with a lot of the community. They provide useful content, graphics and data to share with the community and watch them communicate about these features. Many of the marketing companies or shall I say marketing industries have used social media for the greater good, one of them being the NBA.


Adam Silver,  NBA commissioner, has used social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram to upload many spectacular videos of NBA players and other stars during games. Anyone can now go on their twitter or Instagram site and see video clips from stars like Stephen Curry make a dazzling lay – up or Lebron James or Russel Westbrook initialing a vicious slam to the rim. With this in display many fans of the NBA can not just watch plays on TV, now it can also be brought on and be seen through mobile phones and other mobile platforms. This is an ingenious tactic by the NBA to enlarge its brand awareness to the millennial demographic  and for viewership to go up as well.


As seen in the video up above, this is a clear example of the NBA at work providing spectacular plays for many viewers to see and comment. One of the teams is the Golden State Warriors who are very great this year especially with their star guard Stephen Curry and this video of him hitting a #SPLASH definitely will excite viewers and fans of Steph as well. Who knows, they may want to travel to Golden State to see him in action!


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